How to Do Glitter Painted Rocks - The Right Way and the Wrong Way!

Should you put glitter on painted rocks - what you need to know about the right and wrong ways to glitter!

Few things are as controversial in the rock painting community as glitter on painted rocks! 

I get asked weekly about glitter on rocks: Is it bad to put glitter on painted rocks? Will glitter on painted rocks create litter? Is there an environmentally safe way to add glitter to rocks?

The answers?
It depends
It depends.

If have questions about glitter and painted rocks, I have answers! From using loose glitter to glitter paint. Sparkly Mod Podge and more, I have all the answers to your glittery rock needs.

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Can you put glitter on painted rocks?

Of course you can! Now, whether or not you should is a different story! There ARE ways to safely add glitter to painted rocks that will keep it from falling off.

Should you put glitter on painted rocks?

I say as long as you are glittering rocks responsibly  and in a way that the glitter absolutely will not come off the rock, I say glitter all the things!

Best way to put glitter on a rock

What is best way to add glitter to a painted rock?

The very best way to add glitter to a painted rock is with a method where the glitter is in a paint or finishing medium. 

For example, glitter paint or glitter Mod Podge, sparkle decoupage medium. Because the glitter is bound in the medium, which then binds to the rock and is then also sealed, the glitter is unlikely to come off the rock.

To properly apply glitter to a painted rock:
  1. Paint the rock first if desired
  2. Add the glitter paint, glitter Mod Podge or glitter decoupage medium. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply 3 coats of a high quality sealer (do not skip this step)
    (learn about how to properly seal painted rocks here)
If you apply glitter following this procedure, the glitter will stay properly stuck to the rock and will not fall off and become litter.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT add glitter to rocks this way...
As much as there is a proper way to glitter rocks, it is important to keep in mind that there are some ways that you should definitely NOT add glitter to rocks.

These methods might be fine for rocks you are keeping at home and not hiding in the wild but definitely should not be used for rocks left outside or in public spaces.

Ways you should never ever add glitter to rocks:
  • With glue and loose glitter - it's nearly impossible to seal it all and it ends up leaving traces of glitter everywhere. Since some glues dissolve in water, you could end up making a big mess once it rains.
  • With paint and loose glitter - loose glitter is just a big NO.
  • With glitter glue - glitter glue is great for paper. It is not great for rocks. It isn't outdoor safe and often gets melty or sticky in the heat.
Learn the right and wrong ways. to add glitter to painted rocks.

Glitter rock painting supplies I reccommend

These are tried-and-true glitter paints or finishing mediums that I have used with success on painted rocks. Don't forget: even when you use a glitter paint or glittered medium, you still need to seal the rock with multiple coats of sealer. Learn about the best way to seal rocks here.

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