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How to Play the Hide and Seek Rock Game (AKA "Kindness Rocks" or "The Traveling Rock Project")

Have you ever been out and about and found a painted rock? Maybe it was at the park or on a hike. It may have even been in a parking lot or on a sidewalk. The hottest hobby of the year isn't virtual reality: it's rock painting! 

How to play the Hide and Seek Rock Game: 

Anyone can play the hide and seek rock game (also known as "Kindness rocks" "Traveling rocks" or simply "painted rocks")! 

While it is not required, it's highly recommended to find and join your local rock painting group on Facebook.  Try searching for "(your town name) rocks" and see what comes up. If you are from a small town, try looking for the name of the closest large town or your county name. You may also be able to find regional groups like NW Rocks or Midwest Rocks.

Anyone can look for rocks! Be on the lookout when you visit parks, hiking trails or even just walking around town. Painted rocks are often left on the ground but can be higher up on benches, walls and even in trees!

Anyone can leave a rock! You can decorate rocks with paint, markers, temporary tattoos and even colored pencils. Most local rock groups will ask that you NOT adhere items to the rocks like feathers, googly eyes, and sticker as these can fall off and create litter. To get tips and advice on how to get started painting rocks, see How to Get Started Painting Rocks.

What to do if you find a painted rock:

If you find a painted rock, the first thing you should do is examine it carefully to see if it has any writing or a label on it. Sometimes it may be just a hashtag like #PNWPR or it may have instructions. Here are some samples of some labels you might see on the backs of the rocks:

Most local rock painting groups are organized on Facebook. So Hillsboro "Rocks" is the name of the rock painting group in Hillsboro, Oregon. There are also regional groups like the Pacific Northwest Painted Rocks Group (#PNWPR) and #WCPR is for West Coast Painted Rocks. You should be able to type the name of the group or the hashtag (the words with the #) into the search bar on Facebook and find the group the rock originated from.

Once you find the group, ask to join and post a photo of the rock that you found and tell them where you found it. The painter of the rock will love to hear that it has been found. If you are from Texas but found a rock with an Oregon hashtag, that's ok! You can join the group temporarily just to share your find and then leave the group and nobody will be offended.

Enjoy the hunt!


  1. Found my first rock... a few days back... couldn't post it at the # address... I'm unsure WHERE to do so... I tried fb, twitter instagram... i like the idea of doing the paint and hide... i also do geocaching and munzee... this would be a creative outlet for a crafty person like me...

    1. If you can't find a group connected to your rock, I would make a public Facebook group on your wall and use the # on the back of the rock to share that you found it. Some people paint and hide rocks just for the joy of it and don't leave a group, hashtags or other finder instructions. If that's what happened with you, just enjoy your rock for now until you decide you would like to rehide it.


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