How to Draw a Narwhal on a Rock

Narwhal rock painting idea - how to paint a narwhal

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea! 

Painting narwhals on rocks is the perfect way to combine your love of both unicorns and mermaids. I love this adorable rock painting idea featuring a chubby narwhal (maybe he ate too many bagels?). 

This painted rock project is perfect for beginners. 

Wendy from Draw So Cute does a great job walking you through how to paint the perfect narwhal / unicorn whale. Of course, Wendy is drawing on paper so for best results, choose a flat, smooth rock to paint on.

I like to paint directly on my rocks with the Posca paint pens but if you're not feeling confident, it's ok to use a pencil and then trace back over your drawing later with the paint pen. 

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Narwhal Rock Painting Tutorial
How to Draw a Narwhal on a Rock


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Video: How to Draw a Narwhal

Notes: For best results, use a light colored rock with a flat surface for painting.

To paint my chubby unicorn whale, I followed along using an extra fine black Posca pen to do the outline. I filled in the other spots with blue, pink and white.

Keep in mind that even if you are painting on a white rock, adding sealer might change the shade of the rock so it's always a good idea to paint any spots you want to have stay white with white paint.

As always, once the paint pens are dry, give it a coat or two of spray sealer to protect it from the weather and get it ready to hide outside.

Here's My Narwhal Painted Rock

How to draw a narwhal on a rock - I love this rock painting idea for a chubby unicorn whale.

Narwhal painted rocks from others who have followed this tutorial!

I love how each of the artists of these rocks seem to have followed the same video tutorial but ended up with narwhal rocks that all look different from each other.
Cute narwhal painted Rock by Emily Gilmore

Narwhal Painted Rock
Artist credit: Emily Gilmore of EmzRockz

Chubby Narwhal Painted Rock  Artist credit: Robin Davidson from Raytown Rocks

Chubby Narwhal Painted Rock
Artist credit: Robin Davidson from Raytown Rocks

Narwhal painted rock with pink background  Artist credit: Emily Gilmore of EmzRockz

Narwhal painted rock with pink background
Artist credit: Emily Gilmore of EmzRockz

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