24 Painted Rocks that Look Good Enough to Eat!

24 rock painting ideas that look like food

It's the next thing in the painted rock craze: painted rocks that look like food! 

These clever artists took rocks that were shaped just right and transformed them into impressive food lookalikes. 

From apples, to giant candy, bread and more, check out these inspirational (but not actually edible) rock painting ideas!

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I love all these rock painting ideas! These painted rocks all look like food! From donuts to cheese, M&M's, bread and more. The apple and cinnamon roll are extra impressive!

24 Impressive Painted Rocks that Look Like Food!

Realistic apple painted rock from Cheli Teichman of NW Rocks

Don't bite that apple!
Even though this apple looks good enough to eat, in reality it's a painted rock! This impressive paint job was done by Cheli Teichman from the NW Rocks group during one of their monthly rock painting challenges. See the photo on Facebook here.

These taco painted rocks from Holly Ninneman look good enough to eat

Let's taco bout this rock!
These clever taco rocks were painted by Holly Ninneman (photo uploaded to Pinterest here). I love this rock painting idea for all sizes of rocks with a half-round shape.

Laura Owen painted this rock that looks like a cinnamon roll

This rock painted to look like a cinnamon roll looks good enough to eat! This tasty morsel was painted by Laura Owen of the Tex New Mex rocks group.

edible rock painting ideas

Donut Painted Rocks
If donuts are your obsession, you will love these sweet rock painting ideas that resemble an assortment of tasty desserts. Uploaded to Pinterest by Ana Vega.

Babybel cheese painted rock by Ana Garcia

Just cheesin' around?
This Babybel cheese replica was painted by Ana Garcia. She really did an impeccable job with this perfectly shaped rock.

Overeasy egg painted rock by Nolan

Egg rocks, not houses
Nolan, a 13 year old rock artist from Oregon painted this egg rock that looks quite tasty! See the original post in his local rock painting group, West Coast Painted Rocks, where we spotted it.

Rocks painted to look like bread - by Laura Owen

Rock hard buns
Laura Owen of the Tex New Mex rocks group knows how to rock -- and roll! Or just turn rocks into rolls. Her detailed attention to color and texture leaves these painted stones looking good enough to eat!

painted rocks that look like fruits and vegetables from Ernestina Gallina

Fresh from the Rock Garden
This collection of summer fruits and veggies in a basket is perfection! I love how artist Ernestina Gallina stretched herself to paint 17 different but realistic fruits and veggies.

M&M painted rocks

M&M Painted rocks won't melt in your hand
Giant m&ms with bites taken out of them is the perfect way to work with the natural shape of chipped stones. Check out this picture of painted m&m rocks uploaded to Pinterest by Shelade.

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