40+ Star Wars Inspired Rock Painting Ideas

painted rocks inspired by star wars

If you are a seasoned rock painter looking for Star Wars painted rock ideas or just a Star Wars lover looking for easy Star Wars crafts, these painted rocks are perfect for you! 

Between episode 9 (OMG the ending!) and The Madalorian out on Disney+ everyone is rediscovering Star Wars and the joy of Star Wars craft this year!

Hide a Star Ward rock near the movie theater as part of the hide and seek rocks game or give them to your favorite Star Wars lover. 

Everyone is sure to fall in love with these DIY droids, jawas, ewoks and more.

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More than 40 Star Wars inspired rock painting ideas. From Baby Yoda to the death star, princess leia, chewbacca and more - you'll find a rock for every Star Wars character you could ever want.

DIY Star Wars Rock Painting Ideas

Star Wars painted rocks

These Star Wars jawa rocks are equal parts adorable and easy to make. Amanda at Crafts by Amanda teaches you how: How to Paint Star Wars Jawa Rocks

Star Wars Darth Vader painted rock

The adorable little Darth Vader reminds me of a three year old playing dress up because of how short he is - or maybe he's just a baby Darth Vader? Either way, learn how to paint a Darth Vader rock here.

Star wars rock painting idea - baby yoda rock by Karisa Voigtlaender

Now that The Mandalorian has come out on Disney+, everyone knows that Baby Yoda is the best thing to have happened to the Star Wars universe. 

This impressive Baby Yoda painted rock (or more properly "The Child" as my son insists we should call him) was painted by Karisa Voigtlaender from Hillsboro Rocks.
Christmas star wars rock painting idea - BB8 with santa hat
Feeling Star Wars for the holidays? This festive BB8 with a santa hat was painted on a rock by my oldest son who was 8 years old at the time.

Star wars painted rocks - blue light side light saber and R2D2

These simple Star Wars rocks were uploaded directly to Pinterest so they don't appear to have a coordinating tutorial. 

If you know the basics of line drawing, though, you should be able to follow along using craft paint or Posca paint pens. See the original on Pinterest.

How to paint star wars rocks step by step
This great collection of Star Wars "rocks" are actually Star Wars Easter Eggs - but if you had a smooth stone you could absolutely follow the Star Wars step by step painting tutorial on Creative Green Living to recreate these on rocks.

 Find the death star painted rock tutorial at StarWars.com

Is intergalactic destruction more your style? This adorable Death Star rock (yes! adorable. Death Star.) is perfect! 

Get the tutorial from StarWars.com but remember that you shouldn't hide rocks with things glued to them so better to keep this one for yourself.

painted stone painted to look like a mini porg
This stone painted to look like a Porg from Ahch-To from Instagram Artist Cara Dura is so impressive! I love how she worked with the shape of the stone to make a mini porg.

 Get the tutorial for how to paint a twinkle twinkle little death star rock

Speaking of intergalactic destruction, how about this "Twinkle, twinkle little [death] star" rock?

It's equal parts charming and cunning. Plus it's a super easy rock for beginners to paint. Get the tutorial for how to paint a Star Wars Death Star rock here.

twinkle twinkle little death star
While I was looking for more great Star Wars rocks to share with you on Pinterest, I found this pretty version of my Twinkle Twinkle Little Death Star rock painted by Andie Crittenden uploaded directly to Pinterest!

If you ever paint one of my rocks, I'd love to see it! Contact me on Instagram or Facebook and I would be thrilled to share if you'll let me.

Princess leia and chewbacca painted rocks
This set of Star Wars painted stones featuring Princess Leia and Chwbacca were uploaded directly to Pinterest by the artist, Angie Nelson. See the original pin to Pinterest here.

Star Wars painted rocks

Tired of painting your own rocks and just want someone to do it for you? These sweet mandala style R2D2 and C3PO painted rocks are from the KristaWinkArt Etsy shop. These are the droids you're looking for.

the symbol for the Star Wars resistance painted on a rock
Declare yourself part of the Resistance with this easy to draw symbol that you often see on the helmets of Resistance fighter pilots. Check out the post for this rock on Instagram.

five different star wars themed rock painted ideas

Jawa, Princess Leia, Yoda, Chewbacca and R2D2 are all featured in this series of rocks painted by Deirdre using ink and copic markers. Check it out on Instagram here.

wookie hair don't care chewbacca painted rock
Are you a Chewbacca fan? You'll extra love this "wookie hair don't care" painted rock from Jamie Smith. You can see the original pin on Pinterest here.

cute yoda, princess leia and jawa painted rocks
This is another direct Pinterest upload by UpNorthRockinIt. She has lots more painted rock inspo on her Instagram so be sure to pop over there and follow her!

Temporary Tattoos on painted Star Wars rocks

If painting really detailed pictures isn't your style, you can do what Hollie from the Hillsboro Rocks group in Hillsboro, OR did and apply a tattoo to rock with a plain white background. She says she got these tattoos at the dollar store! Learn how to apply temporary tattoos to rock here!

R2D2 star wars rock painting ideas

If you have a soft spot for R2D2, you will love this cute painted rock from Pinterest user Tracy Pattison. Check it out on Pinterest here.

Chewbacca painted rock by Holly B Hadfield of Art by Holly B on Etsy

The realism in this Chewy painted rock is so impressive! I love how you can see the individual strands of fur! This rock was painted by Holly B Hadfield of Art by Holly B on Etsy.

Star Wars stone painting ideas - ewok
Speaking of adorable furry things, isn't this Wicket ewok rock the cutest? It was painted by Amanda Purdy from Hillsboro Rocks

 Painted by Tami Arnett of TMIcraftiness on Etsy.

If you prefer your storm troopers a little on the fancier side, this sugar skull inspired helmet may be for you! Painted by Tami Arnett of TMIcraftiness on Etsy.

Darth Vader star wars painted rock idea

This simple white-on-black Darth Vader helmet on a rock is perfect for helping you get in touch with your inner dark side. Check it out on Instagram here.

 R2D2 and C3PO painted rocks

Here is another set of everyone's favorite BFF Droids: R2D2 and C3PO. Sarah over at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls painted this duo and she teaches you how she did it here: C3PO and R2D2 Painted Rocks.

Star wars stone painting ideas - Yoda on a painted rock

Awesome this Yoda rock is. Mmm hmm. View it you can on Instagram.

Star Wars rock painting ideas for stones - R2D2 on a painted rock

This adorable R2D2 painted rock was made by FreemanUK. Check it out on Etsy here.

The best Star Wars inspired rock painting ideas including the child baby yoda, princess leia, R2D2, droids, wookies, jawas, darth vader and more! #rockpainting #stonepainting #paintedrocks

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