Clever Painted Rock Turtle Sculpture

rock painting idea - make a painted rock turtle sculpture

I love when readers submit their original painted rock art! This clever turtle painted rock sculpture is assembled from seven different painted rocks (head, body, tail and four legs) by Andrea Miller of Christiansburg, Virginia. She uses permanent markers rather than acrylic paint to color in the rocks and the body.

To make something similar yourself, look for appropriately shaped rocks and glue them together using a permanent outdoor safe adhesive like E-6000. You could use colored Sharpie markers like Andrea or use a more traditional rock paint option (these are my favorite paints for painted rocks). To make your rock creation weather safe, be sure to use an appropriate sealer. If you used Sharpies, be aware that traditional spray sealers will make the sharpies run so they aren't the best option for sealing rocks painted in sharpie.

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