What are the best tattoos for painted rocks?

Rock painting ideas using temporary tattoos

One of my favorite ways to get really impressive painted rocks is by using temporary tattoos. It can be easy to feel intimidated by people painting rocks that are beautiful and detailed - especially if you are a beginner. 

Since showing people how to apply tattoos to painted rocks I've gotten a lot of questions about where to get the best tattoos for painted rocks so I wanted to put together this helpful guide! 

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henna and mandala temporary tattoo designs

These are my favorite super detailed black tattoos to use for mandalas and henna style designs. This is also the same set of tattoos that I used to make the painted rocks in the image at the top of this post. It has some really pretty large designs that I like to use by themselves on rocks. You can also cut of the bigger designs to apply smaller parts of the design to smaller painted rocks.

Where to buy it: Buy these temporary tattoos on Amazon.

Samples of Painted Rocks Decorated with These Tattoos:
mandala rock painting ideas

rock painting ideas

rock painting ideas with rainbow paint

There are two different metallic temporary tattoos I have used on painted rocks. With both types I find that the metallic finish will bleed if you use spray sealer directly on them so I recommend using Mod Podge over the tattoo once it is applied to the rock before using spray sealer on it.

Where to buy it: My two favorite packs of metallic tattoos are Amazon are these and these. If you don't already have Mod Podge, be sure to pick up some of that, too. You can buy Mod Podge on Amazon or from Consumer Crafts. You will also need a spray sealer like this one. For more information, check out my tutorial for how to apply temporary tattoos to rocks.

Samples of Painted Rocks Decorated with These Tattoos:
rock painting ideas with tattoos

feather rock painting ideas with tattoos

metallic tattoos on painted rocks

white tattoos

These white temporary tattoos are my favorite way to get detailed white designs on dark backgrounds. They also make really impressive white-on-white rocks when applied to white rocks.

Samples of Painted Rocks Decorated with These Tattoos:


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rainbow temporary tattoo painted rock

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