50+ painted rocks that look like succulents & cacti

Inspirational painted rocks that look like succulents or cacti

Succulents and cacti are on-trend! What better way to embrace a trend than to paint it on a rock?

If you are looking for inspirational rock painting ideas featuring cactus or succulents, you're in the right place!

From pet cactus gifts and houseplants that won't die of neglect to rocks you can hide locally as part of the hide and seek rocks game, I've got you covered.

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Simple rock painting ideas for beginners or children
There's a lot of different artists' work covered here. I always link to the artist's instagram, etsy shop or website with referral links when applicable so be sure to click through all those links to follow your favorite artists or purchase from their shops.

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Need ideas for succulent or cactus painted rocks? There are more than 50 inspirational DIY painted stone projects here to enjoy. From succulent gardens that won’t die to faux cactus plants. This great round up features Etsy and Instagram artists and a few crafts bloggers, too! Be sure to check out all the fun rock painting ideas #paintedrocks #rockpainting #rockart #paintedstones #ilovepaintedrocks #crafts #easycrafts #painting #rockpaintingideas #rockgarden

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More than 50 Painted Rocks Inspired by Succulents and Cacti

How to make a DIY painted rock cactus garden

by @Stonzie_by_idilo on Instagram
Need a houseplant you can't kill? Try this painted rock craft that looks like a lush cactus to keep on your desk.

pretty rainbow succulent painted rock

by Bidigo on Etsy
Rainbow is my favorite color so of course this beautiful rainbow succulent rock stood out to me. Love it? You can buy it from Bidigo on Etsy.

Cactus painted rock for sale on Etsy

Don't feel like painting your own cacti? That's ok! Buy one from master rock painter, Niwaj on Etsy.

succulent inspired mandalas painted on stones

by Linda Troskie
This big bowl of succulent inspired mandala painted stone will help you get your zen on. Recreate the look by painting on smooth rocks with Posca pens in blue, white and black.

Rock painting ideas and crafts - make a succulent and cactus garden you can't kill

Piedras pintadas - centro con cactus
by Susana Puig
I'm loving this trend of succulents and cacti that will never die because they are made out of painted rocks!

Handpainted sempervivum succulent rock painting idea

by @armariannamaria on Instagram
I'm so impressed with the shading and color work on these painted rock versions of sempervivum succulents.

Happy cactus rock painting idea

by @yogisowl on Instagram
These adorable happy cacti with kawaii faces will be sure to put a smile on your face as well!

Succulent painted rock

by Lotus and Nightshade on Etsy
This beautiful echeveria succulent was hand painted by Lotus and Nightshade and is up for sale on Etsy! Want to own it? Buy it here.

cactus and succulent doodles on painted rocks

Cactus doodle painted rocks
by @aysenurbildirici on Instagram

These happy little doodles of cactus plants on painted rocks a different approach than painting the entire rock to look like a cactus itself.

Succulent inspired dot mandala prayer stone

by hisOpal on Etsy
While it may not look like a literal succulent, I think this beautiful dot mandala from hisOpal on Etsy was definitely succulent inspired! If you love this beautiful painted stone, you can buy it here on Etsy.

pet cactus rocks with adorable faces

 from @cara.dura.designs on Instagram
I love how unique each little face is! I'm especially a fan of the ones with flowers for eyes and adorable little mustaches.

Glowing heart rock nightlight from home depot

This Chris Emmert Heart rock actually has a secret - it lights up! You can pick one up at Home Depot online and add this pretty succulent inspired rock to your landscaping.

Hand drawn cactus painting on a rock

from @naturepluspigment on Instagram
This pretty desert scene painted rock featuring a cactus form artist Christine May Brand is so pretty and serene! You could replicate this look with posca pens on a flat, smooth rock.

watercolor succulents and cacti painted on rocks

by @artbyevamarie on Instagram
I love these pretty watercolor style painted rocks from artist Eva Villanueva! While she posted these on her Instagram account, if you love her work, be sure to check out her painted rock Etsy shop, Art by Eva Maria.

Don't be a prick cactus rock from Etsy

"Don't be a Prick" cactus rock
by Saltwater Mercantile on Etsy
Don't be a prick, indeed! If you love buying painted rocks on Etsy, this cheeky cactus rock might be for you! Buy it on Etsy here.

Succulent inspired mandala painted rock

by @artbyevamarie on Instagram
I love this pretty succulent inspired mandala rock painting idea that artist Eva Villanueva. She has an Etsy shop where you can buy all her pretty hand painted rocks here.

from The Best Ideas for Kids
I love their adorable little eyes! The Best Ideas for Kids gives you a full step-by-step tutorial for making your own pet cactus with your kids or for yourself.

Hand painted cactus and succulent garden on a painted rock

Hand Painted Cactus and Succulent Bowl Painted Rock
by CraftKrazie on Etsy
This bright little bowl of beautiful cacti and succulents on a painted rock is the work of artist CraftKrazie on Etsy. I especially love the bright pop of color that the pink gives it around the outside.

Free Hugs cactus painted rock in a small pot

by Jessica Garfield on Pinterest
I'm always a fan of adorable or cheeky sayings and this free hugs cactus rock in no exception! What a cute and clever idea!

A rainbow of succulent painted rocks

Succulent Pebble Art by @Mermaid.n.art on Instagram
These pretty branchy succulents (inspired by agave, perhaps?) were painted by Insta-artist Mermaid.n.Art. If you like to buy painted rocks, follow along - she sometimes sells her work via her Instagram account.

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