How To Paint A Cute Owl Painted Rock

owl rock stone painted rock in the garden

One of my very first painted rock stones was an Owl painted rock. I've been painting rocks for over a year now and I've come to love owl painted rocks. 

Painting stones is not only fun it's quite therapeutic and today I have a new and super cute owl painted rock which was really fun and easy to create. 

If your looking for an owl rock painting idea then here is a step by step tutorial which is pretty easy to follow and create with Posca pens. Enjoy!

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How to Create A Cute Owl Painted Rock
a step-by-step rock painting tutorial


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How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step 1:

a rock stone and posca pens. Supplies for painting a owl painted rock

You will need to find a round rock big enough to design your owl painted rock.

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step  2:

using a pencil to draw an owl onto a rock

Using a pencil draw a rough outline of your owl.

You can use the same design I used or make changes to make your owl more unique.

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step  3: 

painting the outline of an owl on a rock with a brown posca pen

Paint your owl's eyes white using a white paint pen. 

Paint the outline of your owl using a brown posca pen. 

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step 4:

painting the owl's tummy when creating an owl painted rock

Next fill in the body of your owl with the brown posca pen.

Use a peach or lighter brown to paint the owl's tummy. 

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step  5: 

outlining the owl's eyes with a black posca pen

Color the owl beak in using an orange posca pen or acrylic paint. (use an extra fine tip Posca marker for this part if you have one)

Begin to outline your owl with a fine black Posca pen. 

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step  6:

colour the owls beak orange using acrylic paint or a posca pen to create your owl painted rock

Once you have outlined the whole of your owl you are ready to add details such as black eyelashes.

Add waves to your Owl's tummy to create a feathered look. 

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step  7: 

Add dots and detail to the outline of the owl painted rock for greater effect

Add further details to your owl using colored posca pens. You can add dots and lines to the outside of the owl.

To make this owl super cute. I also added a pink love heart. 

How to paint a cute Owl Painted Rock step  8: 

A owl painted rock which is super cute and easy to make with this step by step tutorial

Now the owl is complete! Our painted rock is ready to be sealed using a clear spray sealer. This will help keep any rock stone protected from the elements. Enjoy. 

Need more information on how to seal painted rocks?

I have a handy guide to the best products to use to seal painted rocks here >> What do you use to seal painted rocks?
How to seal painted rocks - what should you use to seal painted rocks

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This is the perfect easy owl painted rock idea. This painted stone is perfect for kids and is easy to do with Posca pens. #ilovepaintedrocks #rockpainting #paintedrock #owl #howtopaint #howtodraw #rockcraft

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