Easy Flower Painting Technique Tutorial for Beginners - An Easy Flower Painted Rock Craft

Hi Rock Painting Loves, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft teaching you how to paint flowers for a fun, floral spring painted rock! 

This easy flower painting technique is like finger painting for grown-ups! It is the perfect flower painting technique for beginning rock painters who want a flower painted rock but aren't sure how to get there.

A few painted flowers rocks hidden in the yard or hidden around town for the hide and seek rock game will be better than an Easter egg hunt!

If you are inspired by this rock painting idea and decide to make your own, floral rock painting, won't you share? I'd love to have you share your painted rock creations in the I Love Painted Rocks Facebook Group. If you are willing to let us feature your rock on this website, you can submit your unique painted rock creations here.

How to Paint an Easy Flower Painted Rock

Bright colored loose florals painted on a black rock perfect tutorial for beginners.

Video: Easy Flower Painted Rock Idea

This easy stone painting tutorial shows you how to paint flowers on a rock with this easy rock painting technique. If the video is not automatically playing on this page, view the flower painted rock tutorial on the I Love Painted Rocks YouTube Channel instead.

Flower Rock Painting Supplies:

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paints to use for flower painted rocks

Flower Painted Rock Step 1: Background

black painted rock
Begin by painting the entire rock black.

I typically clean my rocks and then paint a dozen of them all black...then they are ready to use as needed!

Flower Painted Rock Step 2: Begin Painting Pink Flowers

flower painted rocks - start with pink flower in the center
Pour paint on your pallet in a variety of bright colors (at least two shades per color flower you want).

Use a round #4 or #6 brush, depending on the size of flowers desired.

A round brush is perfect for flowers and leaves because it's a natural stroke to create these flowers.

Begin with painting a couple blobs in the darkest pink close together as the center of the flower.  Then add petals in "C" shaped blobs around the center, building the flower bigger as you go.

Spring Floral Painted Rock Step 3: Add Colors to the Flowers

flower painting on rocks or stones

flowers on painted rock
While the dark pink paint is still wet, add blobs of coral, light pink and yellow paint.  

Look closely at this picture, it's very random and basic.  

The petals do not need to touch the flower.  And be sure to leave some black peeking through here and there.

Spring Floral Painted Rock Step 4: Add Blue Flowers

pink and blue flowers on a painted rock
Repeat the process for blue flowers.

Start with blue in the center and then build outward.

Add white and yellow highlights to the flowers as well.

Spring Floral Painted Rock Step 5: Add Leaves

how to paint flowers on rocks
Add more flowers, but save room for leaves.

Add green leaves around the flowers with a 2 stroke brush pattern.

Press the brush down then slide it while lifting off the surface.

Add light green and yellow to the leaves.

Then continue to fill in flowers and leaves until your rock is painted with as many flowers and leaves as you like!

Spring Floral Painted Rock Step 6: Spray with Clear Sealer

flower painted rock finished project
Pretty basic, right?

To make your painted rock outdoor safe and weather proof, spray your rock painting creation with a clear sealing spray.

Now it's ready to hide around town or admire in your own rock garden.

This one is going on my front porch for a while, I love it!

If you love this painted rocks project, don't forget to share it!

How to paint flowers on painted rocks. This easy rock painting technique will have you painting many pretty colors of roses with a simple trick! #ilovepaintedrocks #rockpainting #flowerpaintedrocks #flowerrocks #stonepainting #paintedstone

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