How to Paint Pumpkin Rocks

pumpkin rock painting ideas

Painting seasonal rocks is a great way to keep your rock painting fresh and new. 

For fall and Halloween rock painting, what could be better than your own pumpkin patch full of adorable jack-o-lanterns painted onto rocks? 

Liska from Adventure-in-a-Box has a great tutorial teaching you how to paint adorable pumpkin rocks!

I love how her rock painting tutorial shows you how to give depth and dimension to your rock painting project so even flat rocks look like 3D pumpkins.

Plus, who can resist their adorable faces?

How to Paint Pumpkin Rocks by Adventure-in-a-Box


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How to Paint Pumpkin Rocks on Adventure-in-a-Box

Want More Pumpkin Rock Painting Ideas?

There's more than one way to paint a pumpkin! We have another easy pumpkin rock tutorial that teaches you how to draw a pumpkin onto a rock using paint pens.

Check that tutorial out here >> Fall Rock Painting Ideas: How to Paint a Pumpkin on a Rock

How to make a pumpkin painted rock. This is a super easy fall rock painting tutorial using Posca paint pens to draw a cute pumpkin. #ilovepaintedrocks #rockpainting #paintedrocks #rockart #stoneart #posca #rockpaintingideas #kidscraft #painting #paintpens #fallcraft #easypainting #storystones

Get Even More Fall Rock Painting Ideas!

We have lots of great fall themed rock painting tutorials you are sure to love!

From falling leaves to pumpkins, squirrels and bats! There's lots more to discover - with more new tutorials coming every week in September and October!

Looking for painted rock ideas for fall? I've got you! Check out my collection of easy fall rock painting ideas. Each one includes a step-by-step tutorial so even complete beginners can do these rock painting projects.

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