How to Paint an Adorable Birthday Cupcake Rock

how to paint a cupcake on a rock - inspired by Draw So Cute

What do you give someone who plays the hide and seek rock game for their birthday?

A birthday cupcake rock of course!

If you need ideas for cute birthday rocks to paint, I think you can't really beat this cute cupcake with rainbow sprinkles and a pretty ribbon.

My favorite YouTube channel for drawing: Draw So Cute has a tutorial up for how to draw a really cute birthday cupcake so I followed along using a pencil and then traced over it with my Extra fine Posca paint pens before giving it to her.

Here's a look at how I did it:

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Video: How to Draw a Cute Birthday Cupcake

Notes: For best results, use a light colored rock with a smooth surface for painting.

I followed along with Winnie using a pencil to draw on my rock. Once I was happy with what I had, I went back over my lines with a black Posca extra fine paint pen.

Once that was done, I colored her in with more Posca extra fine paint pens and sealed it with clear spray sealer before hiding it for the birthday girl to find.

Don't forget to color any parts you want to have remain white with the white Posca pen because even white rocks look darker when sealed.

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ideas for painting rocks - a rainbow birthday cupcake with sprinkles and a ribbon

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