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How to Make an I Love Oregon Rock (works for any state!)

The rock I painted for "thankful" in my local rock painting group ideas challenge was a silhouette of Oregon with a big heart in it. I'm so thankful to live in beautiful, green Oregon and I thought showing my Oregon love would be perfect. I googled "Oregon silhouette" to find an image I could copy and used a pencil to sketch it onto my rock before drawing a big heart in the middle. This same technique would work for copying the silhouette of any state!


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Step 1: Find a silhouette of your state

Use Google or your favorite search engine to search for "silhouette of (state name)" to find images of your state you can base your sketch on.

Step 2: Sketch

Use the pencil to sketch the outline of your state on the rock. I use a pencil so I can erase or paint over marks that aren't quite right. Keep touching up until you are happy with the shape. Finally, draw a big heart in the center.

Step 3: Paint

Use a black Posca paint pen to outline the state silhouette and the heart. Use the red marker to fill in the heart and the green marker (or appropriate corresponding state color!) to fill in the outline of your state. Touch up the black line as needed.

Step 4: Seal

Use a clear spray sealer to seal your rock and make it weatherproof.

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