Rainbow Striped Painted Rock Photo Holder Craft

Take painted rocks to the next level by turning them into photo displays.

Hi Rock Painting Friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft with another fun rock painting craft project!  

Make this adorable rainbow striped painted rock and wire wrapping to hold photographs or name cards. It's a perfect project for Easter or just because!

Rainbow stripes painted in non-traditional colors with some simple gold wire make this a very economical craft.  

It's reminiscent of a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end!  

These would look cute set around a table for place card settings for Easter brunch too! The pastel rainbow stripes look a little bit like Easter eggs.
Wire wrapped rock holds a photograph or name card to display on the table.

If you are inspired by this rock painting idea and decide to make your own, won't you share? I'd love to have you share your painted rock creations on the I Love Painted Rocks Facebook Page. If you are willing to let us feature your rock on this website, you can submit your unique painted rock creations here.

Not sure which paint to use on rocks?

Check out the I Love Painted Rocks guide to the best paints to use for painting rocks How to Paint Rocks

DIY Rainbow Stripe Rock Photo Frame Craft

How to make a photo from with a rock


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Rock Photo Frame Step 1: Paint the Rock!

how to paint a rainbow striped rock

Paint the rock in rainbow-colored stripes. 

I like to start the rainbow in the middle, at green, and then progress through the colors and back around.

Rock Photo Frame Step 2: Cut the Wire!

Rainbow stripe painted rock for making a DIY rock photo frame

Cut 2 feet of gold wire and fold the wire in half.

Cut 2 feet of gold wire and fold the wire in half

Rock Photo Frame Step 3: Twist!

How to make a picture holder with a rock

Wrap the wire around the rock two times. Bring both ends of the wires back to the top center.

Twist the wires together tightly.

how to make a picture frame holder with a rock

Continue twisting the two sets of wires together up to your desired height.

How to turn a rock into a photo holder or name tag holder

Rock Photo Frame Step 4: Loops!

how to form a loop in soft wire

Save enough wire to form a loop at the top of the wires and twist them back down on themselves.

how to make a DIY photo holder or name tag holder with a rainbow striped rock

Rock Photo Frame Step 5: Add a Photo or Name Tag!

How to turn a painted rock into a photo holder

Add a photograph, note or name card by slipping it in between the 2 wires that form the loop.  That's it!  

If you love this painted rocks project, don't forget to share it!

How to make a DIY photo holder stand with wire and a rock. Perfect for tables as a centerpiece, to hold polaroids, photos, or as name tags at a wedding. I love the look of the rainbow striped rock, too. It's such a cute picture frame idea. This would make a great mother's day gift! #ilovepaintedrocks #rockpainting #paintedrock #rainbow #giftideas #mothersday #DIYgifts #stonepainting #paintedstones #eastercrafts

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