How to Paint Autumn Leaves on Rocks - A Fall Rock Painting Tutorial

How to paint fall leaves on a painted rock with posca pens and acrylic paint

The kids are back in school, pumpkin spice is back in the coffee shop and I am ready for fall rock painting!

Nothing says "fall" to me more than multicolored fallen leaves -- so of course I wanted to capture the essence of fall with pretty orange leaves on rocks.

The first of my fall rock painting ideas was a bare tree with falling leaves. 

For this next rock painting project I wanted the look of a fallen leaf stuck to a rock. 

To get this look, I use a technique similar to the one taught by Flower Patch Farmhouse on how to paint fall oak leaves to paint a solitary leaf on a rock.

These look great when you make multiple painted rocks with this technique and group them together.
Painted rocks with oak leaves for fall - how to paint leaves onto rocks with Posca pens

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Looking for more fall rock painting ideas?

Check out my first fall themed painted rock tutorial featuring Posca pens and a secret ingredient!

Fall Rock Painting Idea: Tree with falling leaves 

Fall Leaves Painted Rock Tutorial:
How to Paint Fallen Leaves on Rocks

Painted rocks with oak leaves for fall - how to paint leaves onto rocks with Posca pens


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Video: How to Paint Fallen Oak Leaves on Rocks

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How to Paint Fallen Leaves Step 1: Outline the shape of the leaf

Learn how to paint oak leaves on rocks

Start by using your yellow fine tip Posca pen to draw the outline of an oak leaf shape on your clean rock.

Not sure what an oak leaf looks like? Google image search to the rescue! Check out all these great oak leaf shapes you can use as models.

Don't stress about making it exact.

How to Paint Fallen Leaves Step 2: Fill in the outline

How to paint fallen leaves rock painting project

Use the yellow Posca pen to fill in and solidify the outline.

Allow your painted rock to dry completely. One of the great things about Posca pens is that this takes just a minute or two.

How to Paint Fallen Leaves Step 3: Blend with orange

Fall painted rock ideas

Use a dab of orange acrylic paint and a small paintbrush to paint a border of orange paint along the outline of the leaf you just drew.

Dip your paintbrush in water to help blend the orange paint down toward the center of the leaf.

How to Paint Fallen Leaves Step 4: Paint veins on the leaf

How to paint leaves

Use an orange posca pen to draw a line from the stem, 75% of the way toward the tip of the leaf.

Use the pen again to add veins branching off the sides of the leaf.

How to Paint Fallen Leaves Step 5: Seal your rock

Set your rock aside to dry completely before sealing with clear spray sealer.

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