Easy Rainbow Rock Painting Craft Tutorial

Rainbow painted rocks

Hi rock painting friends, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft with a simple rock painting tutorial.  

This fun painted rainbow rock is a perfect project for rock painting beginners.  

I went with a slightly non-traditional rainbow, but the color order is up to you!

This easy rock painting idea is a great way to use a rock that looks damaged because it cracked in half.

I love rainbows all year but this is a simple craft that you can do with kids for St Patrick's Day, Pride or just because!

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Easy Rock Painting Idea
Simple Rainbow Painted Stones Tutorial


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acrylic paint for rocks

Rainbow Rock Painting Step 1: 

rainbow rock painting craft
Begin by painting the largest arch of the rainbow in pink.

Then rinse out the paintbrush and pat it dry.
Rock Painting Tip: If you still see pink paint while patting, your brush isn't all the way clean. Rinse it a bit more and try again!

Rainbow Rock Painting Step  2: 

kid friendly crafts for pride
No need to wait for the paint to dry, just continue to add the next arch.

Dip your paintbrush in red paint and add a new stripe to your arch on the rock under the pink paint.

Rinse your brush, blot dry and go to the next step!

Rainbow Rock Painting Step 3:

Easy St Patrick's DAy rainbow craft painted stones
Add the next rainbow arch in orange underneath the red paint on your rock.

Beginner rock painting tip: Avoid wasting paint when doing small projects by shaking your paint bottle and then just unscrewing the tops to use as paint pots as pictured.

Rainbow Rock Painting Step 4: 

easy rock painting craft ideas with rainbows
Repeat the rock painting process with the next arch in yellow.  Rinse and pat your paintbrush dry.

Rainbow Rock Painting Step 5:

how to paint a rainbow
Now add a curve in green, then rinse and dry the paintbrush.

Do you like how your rainbow painted stone is turning out so far? We're almost done!

Rainbow Rock Painting Step 6: 

easy rainbow crafts for kids
Add an arch in aqua blue right under the green.

I love how the light aqua paint coordinates nicely with the pink in our non-traditional tainbow rock.

Rinse off the paintbrush before moving to the next step.

Rainbow Rock Painting Step  7:

what to do with cracked stones
Finish off the rainbow arch with another pink arch.

Too non-traditional for you? Lavender would be lovely as well here.

Rainbow Rock Painting Step 8:

St Patricks Day rock painting idea
Instead of fluffy clouds, show off the treasure at the end of your easy rainbow craft by adding dots of gold paint at the end of the rainbow arch.

This is a cute rock to hide for a treasure seeker in the Spring, Pride or for St Patrick's Day!

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Turn rocks that cracked in half into fun rainbow painted rocks. This is an easy rock painting idea for beginners. Kids and adults will love making these easy nature-based crafts to decorate their gardens. They are also a simple craft to make for spring, Pride or St Patrick's Day. Add an encouraging message to turn them into a kindness rocks project rock, too! #ilovepaintedrocks #rockpainting #rockpaintingideas #paintedrock #rainbowrock #stonepainting #easyrockpainting #simplerockpainting #naturecraft #pride #stpatricksday #springcrafts #painting #kidscrafts #rainbow

Printable Directions for this Easy Rainbow Painted Rock Craft

Rainbow Painted Rock Craft

Yield: 1 rainbow rock
Author: Natalie Shaw
Estimated cost: $0
prep time: 2 Mperform time: 5 Mtotal time: 7 M
This easy rainbow rock painting craft is a great project for kids or adults alike. It's a clever way to paint a stone that has cracked in half. Paint and hide them for the hide and seek rock game or as a family friendly craft for Pride, St Patrick's Day or just because!


  • Half circle rock
  • Acrylic paint in rainbow colors
  • Metallic gold acrylic paint
  • Clear spray sealer


  • Fine tip paint brushes
  • Water jar
  • Paper towel or rag for blotting brushes dry


  1. Shake and remove the lids from pink, red, yellow, light green, aqua and metallic gold paint.
  2. Use a fine tip paintbrush to create a large pink arch.
  3. Rinse paintbrush and blot dry.
  4. Continue painting red, yellow, light green, aqua and another pink stripe in the rainbow, rinsing and blotting brush between colors.
  5. Add metallic gold dots at the ends of the rainbow.
  6. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Spray rock with clear spray sealer before hiding outside.


See I Love Painted Rocks website for step-by-step photos.
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