Easy Painted Rock Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

how to paint an easy turkey painted rock with colorful tail feathers.

Hi rock painters, it's Natalie from Doodlecraft sharing a simple turkey painted rock craft idea that's perfect for Thanksgiving. 

This cute turkey rock is easy to paint while waiting for the pie to bake. You could even use Posca paint pens to add names under the turkeys and use them as place markers on the table.

Use this painted rock turkey as a cute addition to your Thanksgiving holiday tablescape, or hide it for someone to find as they bustle around the city. 

If you are inspired by this rock painting idea and decide to make your own, won't you share? I'd love to have you share your painted rock creations on the I Love Painted Rocks Facebook Page. If you are willing to let us feature your rock on this website, you can submit your unique painted rock creations here.

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How to Paint a Simple Turkey Rock with Colorful Feathers
an easy Thanksgiving painted rock idea and tutorial

How to paint a simple turkey rock with colorful feathers perfect for a Thanksgiving tablescape.

Rock Painting Supplies:

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rock painting supplies

How to paint a Turkey Step 1: 

How to paint a turkey rock step 1: paint the yellow feather

Begin by painting a long tear drop shape in yellow on the left side of the rock. To do this, paint a round end and draw the paintbrush, lifting it up to make a narrow tip on the other side.

This will be the first feather we paint of our turkey.

How to paint a Turkey Step 2:

How to paint a Turkey Step 2: Pink Feather

Next, add a magenta tear drop shaped feather next to the yellow one. Keep a little space between each feather so the pink paint doesn't touch the yellow paint.

How to paint a Turkey Step 3:

How to paint a Turkey Step 3: Mint Feather

Now add a mint colored tear-drop shaped feather next to the pink one without touching the one next to it.

How to paint a Turkey Step 4:

How to paint a Turkey Step 4: Green Feather

Next paint a green tear-drop shaped feather next to the mint one.

How to paint a Turkey Step 5:

How to paint a Turkey Step 5: Orange Feather

Continue building the Turkey tail feathers with an orange tear-drop feather next to the green one. Don't forget to leave a small space between the feathers.

How to paint a Turkey Step 6:

How to paint a Turkey Step 6: Pink Feather

Next add a pink tear drop shaped feather next to the orange feather.

How to paint a Turkey Step 7: Red Feather

How to paint a Turkey Step 7: Red Feather

Finally, complete the turkey tail feather spread with a red tear-drop shaped feather on the far right side.

How to paint a Turkey Step 8:

How to paint a Turkey Step 8: Turkey Body

Let the tail feathers dry completely.

Next, paint a little brown turkey body on top of the tips of the feathers by painting a brown circle for it's fat body with a smaller circle on top for its head.

How to paint a Turkey Step 9: Beak and Snood

How to paint a Turkey Step 9: Beak and Snood

Allow the turkey body to dry, then paint a small yellow triangle for the turkey beak and a little red glob of paint for the snood.

Allow your rock to dry completely. If you are planning to hide the rock outside in the weather for the hide and seek rock game, be sure to seal the rock and allow it to dry (learn more about how to seal painted rocks here).

simple and colorful turkey painted rock for thanksgiving
That's it!

The simplicity of the turkey is perfect and can be painted by an adult or child in just a few minutes.

If you like more details, you can trace around the shapes with a black posca marker, or add some eyes if you want.

Write a Thanksgiving saying on the rock or add names and use for a place holder.

This is the perfect little simple turkey rock for a fun Thanksgiving craft.

If you love this painted rock turkey craft, don't forget to share it!

This adorable turkey painted rock is the perfect Thanksgiving rock painting idea for both adults and kids! This cutie turkey craft is good for kids in kindergarten and up and will be a fun and easy DIY project they can do for Thanksgiving. #ilovepaintedrocks #turkeycraft #thanksgivingcraft #rockpainting #paintedrocks

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