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How to Paint a Unicorn on a Rock

unicorn rock painting ideas
Unicorns are basically the mascot of 2018! Everybody loves unicorns in all their majestic, magical beauty. What do you do if you want to paint a unicorn on a rock but you aren't sure how to draw a unicorn? You use a stencil, of course!

Plaid crafts has a great unicorn stencil available as part of their fabric creations line and it made an awesome rock! Just be sure to look for a rock big enough to accommodate the stencil. I used a variety of paint techniques to get the look I was going for. The good news is that nothing I did was hard and you could totally make this rock as an adventurous beginner!

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Do you love unicorns?

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Video: How to Paint a Unicorn on a Rock

Unicorn Painted Rock Step 1: Trace

This stencil is adhesive but because rocks are often not totally flat, I think you should leave the adhesive backing on and just treat this like a regular stencil. Use your pencil together with the stencil to trace the outlines onto the rock.

Unicorn Painted Rock Step 2: Colorshift

Using a small, detail paint brush and the ColorShift paint, follow around the outside line of the stencil and then fill in the background.

Unicorn Painted Rock Step 3: Draw the unicorn

Use white, pink, blue, and yellow Uni-Posca Paint pens to trace over the pencil lines and fill in the shapes where appropriate (watch the video if you have any questions about this!). Use the black posca pen to trace all the outlines as well as add an eye, nostril and smile.

Unicorn Painted Rock Step 4: Seal

We are going to add glitter to our magical unicorn drawing but because decoupage formulas tend to cause Posca pens to get smeary, first you need to use a spray sealer (like this one) over the whole rock and let it dry (about 20 minutes).

Unicorn Painted Rock Step 5: Add sparkle

To add sparkle, use the Martha Stewart Decoupage Medium in Sparkle Finish and paint it over the unicorn (or the whole rock!). We are using this instead of loose glitter because being bound in the decoupage medium will keep the glitter from coming loose in the environment and turning into glitter.

Unicorn Painted Rock Step 6: Seal or Cure

The particular decoupage medium I used will become waterproof and outdoor safe after sitting and curing for 30 days. So set your rock aside to do that OR give it another coat of spray sealer.

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