29+ Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Beginners

Easy painted rocks

The rock painting movement is becoming popular with experienced and beginning painters alike! 

Once you discover rock painting, the first thing you will start looking for is rock painting ideas.

Painted rocks will take over your Pinterest feed and Google search history as you seek more and more rock painting pictures and rock painting ideas.

If you are not crafty or don't have experience painting, you might be overwhelmed with lots of beautiful rock painting ideas that you have no idea how to execute. 

You don't have to worry, though! Lots of great artists and craft bloggers have put together rock painting tutorials that are easy to follow -- even if you don't have a lot of experience painting!

Here are more than 20 of my favorite easy rock painting ideas. These easy rock designs are simple enough that a beginner can follow along and still have a beautiful rock when they're done! 

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easy painted rocks

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Easy Rock Painting Ideas for Total Beginners

easy rock painting ideas

Getting started with simple rock painting designs like hearts are the perfect way to start painting rocks. This dead simple design is the epitome of easy painted rocks even for the most novice among us!

Ladybug painted rock
Who doesn't love ladybugs? This simple rock painting idea is easy to do and oh-so-cute!

Natalie Shaw walks you through how to paint a ladybug rock step-by-step. You'll end up with an adorable ladybug painted rock that you might just want to keep for yourself.

rainbow painted rock

Rainbow Painted Rocks from I Love Painted Rocks
This simple rock painting idea is perfect for rocks that cracked in half or are arch shaped.

Natalie from I Love Painted Rocks shows you how to paint this easy rock painting idea for beginners or kids in the post.

easy painting ideas - how to paint a simple rainbow love rock

Color Made Happy has all kinds of rock painting tutorials. She even has a rock painting book out!

She has lots of easy to follow rock painting tutorials and simple rock painting design ideas.

how to paint marbled rocks

These marbled rocks are so cool!  Making marbled rocks is a simple rock painting technique for beginners that looks really cool when you are done. 

This rock painting idea is hard to screw up and even kids will want to make these fancy rocks!

how to paint a hedgehog rock - easy rock painting design for kids

It feels empowering for people who aren't normally crafty to make rocks that actually look like something. These adorable hedgehogs are the perfect simple rock art idea for newbies.

simple baby bird rock painting idea

Technically these blue birds are candies but they would make great simple rocks! 

Just base coat a rock with blue paint and add eyes and a beak with a Posca pen or FolkArt 3D paint. Easy and cute!

how to paint galaxy rocks

Galaxy painting is all the rage. Turn some rocks into pretty cosmic pieces of art! This is an easy rock art idea that kids and beginners alike will enjoy.

how to paint a ladybug rock

These ladybug rocks are the perfect addition to any fairy garden. They are a simple and easy rock painting idea perfect for beginners - even if you have zero painting experience.

how to make painted rock tic-tac-toe

Don't just paint your rocks - use them, too! Painting X's and O's on stones is as easy as is gets. Use a garden paver to make a board to play on.

Even though this idea looks simple enough, be sure to pop over to the Color Made Happy website anyway. Sam has lots of great rock painting pictures and tutorials.

She has even more rock painting designs and easy rock painting ideas in her book: Rock Art Handbook
Rock Art Handbook by Samantha Sarles

Easy rock painting idea - how to make dominoes with painted rocks

Not very crafty? Anyone can draw lines and dots with a paint pen! 

This easy rock painting idea lets you turn rocks into a functional game of Dominoes. This may be the simplest of all rock painting ideas.

Graphic Sunset Beginner Rock Painting Idea from Rock Painting 101

As their name implies, Rock Painting 101 has lots of simple rock painting ideas for beginning rock painters. 

They'll take you through their easy sunset rock painting tutorial step by step.

color blocked geometric painted rocks

Worried that whatever you try to paint won't look quite right? Then the easiest solution is the paint nothing at all! 

These easy rock painting patterns are just abstract color block, stripes and shapes. They look cool and are simple enough for the perfect beginner to pull off.

Live your best like kindness rock painting idea

Want encouraging kindness rock ideas? Check out Mod Podge Rocks and her great collection of simple sayings for rocks.

She has lots of easy rock painting designs and ideas for what to paint on kindness rocks to get you started with easy rock art ideas.

easy ideas for painted rocks for kids

These easy rock painting ideas from Dukes and Duchesses are easy for anyone to paint. The simple rock painting patterns have the added bonus of glowing in the dark. 

Even if your rocks don't look like a painting masterpiece, that's ok! Glow-in-the-dark paint makes any rock painting idea a cool rock painting idea!

easy tutorials for cute painted rocks

Looking for some easy animals designs to paint on rocks? Deco Art will show you how to paint three different woodland creatures: a bear, a fox, and an owl in their easy step-by-step tutorial.

monster rocks - simple rock painting ideas

These adorable monsters are a super cute and simple rock painting idea!

Build a monster face with easy designs to draw like circles, triangles, and squiggles. Even if they turn out silly, goofy or mean, just say that's how it was meant to look!

pokemon go painted rocks

Pokemon might seem like an adventurous undertaking for any beginning rock painter but these pokemon faces are simple enough that even a beginner can pull them off. 

Pop over to the tutorial and follow along with the rock painting pictures to paint your own Pokemon rock at home.

easy rock painting ideas for newbies - Mexican inspired flower rock painting design

Mark Montano pulls off some pretty impressive DIY projects! 

This one is easy to follow along with so you can see exactly how he makes these pretty, Mexican pottery inspired flowers. He shows you simple rock painting designs that together make an impressive painted rock project!

easy dot rock painting ideas

Using a variety of dotting tools from around your house, Twitchetts shows you how to make simple dot art patterns even beginning rock painters can do.

easy painted rocks from Mark Montano

Mark Montano is back with another easy rock painting idea for beginners. 

Follow along with him step-by-step as he shows you how to paint this simple plant-inspired design on a rock. Make a whole collection to give away as gifts or keep in a bowl.

best rock painting ideas that are easy to paint

Simple letters and dots make for an easy rock painting idea that anyone can do! 

With simple patterns and shapes like hearts and dots, this easy rock painting project is perfect for kids and novice adults alike.

Thanks for stopping by! For more information how to play the hide and seek rocks game, check out our post on how to get started!

how to play the kindness rocks game for beginners

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Carissa Bonham is a lifelong crafter and award-winning online content creator. She creates craft tutorials for both I Love Painted Rocks and Creative Green Living

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  1. What a fantastic collection of tutorials and examples of painted rocks! So much inspiration!

  2. Thank you for including me! I love all of them. It's just a matter of which other ones I want to try first.

  3. After painting what do you seal them with?

    1. Either Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge (and then wait 30 days to cute before hiding outside) or a clear spray sealer like from Rustoleum.

      You can the see the paints and sealers I recommend here: http://www.creativegreenliving.com/2017/10/how-to-get-started-painting-rocks-best-paint-supplies.html

  4. Awesome ideas! Someone shared this page with the Making Danville Smile rock painting group on Facebook, and I love it! ❤️


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